Introduce about Bright Memory Mobile

Initially, FYQD Studio was a comic studio in China. After that, they officially switched to producing video games in 2012. In 2014, FYQD Studio released War Storm on PC. They then aimed to start producing Bright Memory, a first-person shooter game that quickly resonated with the gaming community.


Bright Memory Mobile tells about the adventures of a woman named Shelia in 2020. In the myth, there are 1000-year-old swords called Kanshou and Bakuya. With the advancement of science, people have discovered these two swords through research of the SRO. In the core of the two swords, they found a unique multilayer structure. And it is called the soul of Jiu Xuan, it has the special ability to revive the dead. That’s why so many forces have been fighting over each other to own it. A terrorist organization, abbreviated as SAI, send their troops into the SRO research facility


Bright Memory Mobile is an RPG game with the first-person perspective. Initially, Bright Memory was only available on the PC platform and was released by Steam. When the game recently leaked information about some of the images in the trailer, the game has attracted a lot of gamers who are passionate about FPS shooting games. With the gameplay of the FPS game, you will be attracted to the crazy battle between warriors.