Introduce about Max Payne Mobile


Max Payne is brilliant secret police. In the process of investigating clues to fight the bosses in New York City, he accidentally gets caught up in a dark conspiracy, causing his whole family to be murdered. At the same time, he is accused of murdering his family and is highly wanted.

From a cop fighting to protect justice, but being harmed by corrupt policemen with bad guys, Max decides to fight them all alone. Although he knew in this battle, he seemed to have no chance of winning, but at least he would shed light on the death of his family. 

Free gameplay

Max Payne Mobile has the same free play as other Rockstar Games GTA games. You will play as Max, come to New York with the goal of revenge and find out who is behind the death of your family. The game sets up the story from the ground up, puts you in context from when Max was still living a good life, and takes you through the ups and downs of his life. Overall, you will fight with Max against criminals, bad guys and even old colleagues that Max used to be very close to.

As for the controls, the game provides a virtual control panel with some basic features such as: moving, aiming and opening doors or picking up something. It’s pretty simple, with just a few buttons stowed away on either side of the corner of the screen. You can only play in third person, but you can still change the viewport with your right finger so you can see in a wider angle.