In 1945 a bomb exploded in Mexico, accidentally revealing strange structures underground. A wealthy businesswoman named Jacqueline Natla hired mercenary Larson Conwey to track an archaeologist Lara Croft who was searching for ancient artifacts. The objects were buried in the tomb of the Atlantean Qualopec ruler in the missing city of Vilcabamba. While exploring the tomb, Lara discovered three mysterious Scion fragments. However, when she got out of the tomb, she faced Larson, who was waiting to steal Scion pieces at Natla’s orders. Lara won Larson but faced the next person that Natla sent to, and Larson admitted that he didn’t want to cause trouble for her. In the final battle, Lara fought Natla on a deserted island in the middle of the sea – where the Atlatis pyramid was located, Natla fell into the crater and Lara got on a boat to leave the island before the island was surrounded by volcanic lava.

Like other role-playing games, when starting the game, the player will control the main character Lara Croft to overcome the assigned missions across four locations around the world. Lara can use common skills such as climbing, running, jumping, swinging on ropes or crawling through narrow places as well as interacting with objects and switches to grip or swim underwater. The puzzles will appear while the player is on a mission or finding mysterious areas. Be careful with on-screen reminders, that’s when you’re on a mission to pass in a limited time (usually these are a bit more challenging). And when facing enemies, Lara has an automatic aiming mechanism, which moves freely to evade.

 However, if she encounters aggressive animals, she can be caught and killed quickly. Lara has four different types of guns: her default double handgun with unlimited ammo, and three auxiliary weapons, 50 caliber pistols, and miniature submachine guns duel with different attack power. One thing we cannot deny, compared to the previous version, this version has been improved and grounded a lot more. Players can feel the scene in more detail; Lara is also more talented with daring, beautiful acrobatic actions.