Police Sim 2022

Patrol the streets and become a star Police Officer in this majestic driving simulation game. This new police simulation offers huge cities, diverse missions, countless vehicles, upgrades and officers to explore. Drive on open world maps or get out of your vehicle, control the officer and have fun in this police simulation game.

 Choose your favorite car and embark on missions, or roam freely on huge maps. A wide selection of vehicles is possible, from ordinary cars or classic police cars to exotic super sports cars and beyond to hypercars. You can even use massive SWAT team tools!

 Complete a variety of missions in our brand new 2022 Police simulation game. The chase mission is one of the most lively driving experiences you'll ever have: chase after the suspect and hit their car until you arrest them. If you want a calmer drive, you can go on police escort duty, or help your team stop suspicious vehicles with spiked traps on barricade duty. If you like writing penalties, you can go on Park or Radar missions.