Spider Fighter 2


TRAIN YOUR SUPERHERO FIGHTING SKILLS You control the spider hero in full 3D environment like AAA console game . The spider fighting action game is made on the absolutely new engine and takes place in the city of criminal gangs . Cruel crime lords attacked the city and your spider superhero should defeat the mafia 

Civilians need your help , however police or army forces are unable to fight gangster mafia bosses . There is no chance and the city is going to ruin , but here you are as a true spider superhero fighter ! People need you to fight away all thugs from the streets . So become a superhero to defeat bosses in the city in one of the best spider heroes fighting games !

 ULTIMATE DARK CITY BRAWLS This fighting game has been made for fans of spider hero and other superheroes . Act unpredictable with your fast flying spider attack , defeat rivals and gain experience to the next superhero level . Collect cash to unlock new perks , incredible passive and active super abilities to become an absolute champion ! Unleash your rage on the streets the city of vice !