1) Velocity Rush - Parkour Action

Velocity Rush" is a First Person Parkour Action Game where the player can perform parkour inspired moves and fight enemies with various abilities

Game Features :

-15 levels with more being added

-Various parkour moves such as Vaulting, Climbing, Sliding, Wall-running and many more

-Various attacks like punching, kicking, slide-kicking and more

-Abilities such as Dashing, Grappling hook, Shield and more

-7 different enemies, overwhelm or outrun them

-A level editor, create and share your own levels or play levels created by others

Customize your HUD to your liking

Upcoming Features :

-Shop and skins
-More original levels
-More parkour moves
-New enemy types
-Better SFX

2) SUPER STORM: Parkour Action Ga

Start your exciting adventure in the new 2021: SUPER STORM!
The game combines parkour, fast pacing, epic soundtrack and dangerous traps in the destroyed worlds from the apocalypse!

You will experience the full danger of a global catastrophe in the first person.

In search of a new world between portals, you have to go through a difficult path consisting of deadly traps, ferocious dinosaurs and boiling lava.

Test your skills in time dilation zones, acceleration boosters and trampoline jumpings.

Game features:
★ Excellent graphics with detailed environment and atmosphere.
★ Various traps. From hidden spikes to huge dinosaurs.
★ Various locations and times of day. From ruined cities to ancient ruins.
★ Original authentuc soundtrack. The music is written to the pace of the game. Sophisticated ambient sounds.
★ Optimized 3D graphics with the ability to change the settings.

3) Hot Lava Floor

Imagine one day you go out, and there the lava! Literally floor - a searing lava. Do not panic, you just have to remember the game from childhood, and get to the right places without stepping on the floor.
Find the locations where there was this lava everywhere. Be careful and do not fall.

- Multiplayer
- Online high scores
- Boiling lava
- View from the third and first-person
- Beautiful 3D-graphics
- Easy controlls
- The highest level of design
- Non-linear levels
- Character Customization
- Support Bluetooth controllers

In developing:
- More levels
- More skins
- New characters

4) Parkour Mobile

Make crazy jumps, run along the walls and climb the buildings in this parkour game. You will get a lot of positive emotions thanks to the realism of graphics and movements.

The main features of Parkour Mobile game:

- Realistic parkour movements
- Impressive graphics
- Challenging levels
- Parkour in the high detailed city

Parkour Mobile - is a new parkour game that allow you to feel yourself as a real parkour master.

Get ready to get a huge portion of adrenaline in this parkour game in 3D for mobile devices!

P.S. If you have black textures disable post effects

5) Rooftop Run

Get ready to run, jump, roll and slide over buildings to move from one rooftop to another in an urban environment in quick and exciting ways.
Parkour is a sport that combines rolling, running, jumping, and sliding from one point to another to overcome challenges.
Rooftop Run is the best parkour and freestyle running game available for you, to get from one point to another in an urban environment most quickly and excitingly possible.
Master freestyle running, do amazing movements, and finish hundreds of thrilling levels. This game features spectacular 3D visuals, intuitive controls, and well-designed levels. It is simple to use yet hard to master.
Do incredible parkour skills while completing hundreds of intense levels.
Fulfill your crazy spirit of parkour sport by dashing, running, jumping, and climbing from one point to another in an urban environment.
Feel the thrill of
🤸🏻‍♂️Epic jumps
🌠Glass breaking
👨🏻‍🎤 Escaping from the enemies
Be the MASTER of the parkour game by playing Rooftop Run!
Download it NOW!🎮