1) Drive Zone Online: car race

Drive zone online: get behind the wheel of a car and go to explore a huge online world with your friends, where you will find such places as a real city, narrow streets, a port, a huge desert and abandoned hangars!
Super graphics Drive Zone Online will create the most realistic picture in the game for your mobile phone.

A single player campaign is available to you, where you can meet new cars and go through the storyline. You can participate in online skill test competitions with other players. Play online races with other players, create your own servers and perform various stunts.
For those who like to create, there is a new car tuning editor, thanks to which you can create your own skins, tuning and unique cars!

Collect a fleet of vehicles in your garage from a wide variety of cars from around the world and from all eras.


Return to the world of Louis Vuitton with a brand new update! Explore two new locations, solve new challenges, and discover new collectibles featuring excerpts from the novel Louis Vuitton, L'Audacieux.

Welcome back to LOUIS THE GAME!

* * *

Join Vivienne on her adventures as she journeys to eight vibrant locations across the globe in search of 200 collectible candles to celebrate our founder Louis Vuitton’s 200th Birthday. Each candle unlocks fascinating stories about the journeys of Louis, his family, and the Maison.

Explore worlds inspired by the spirit of travel, and master all of Vivienne's unique abilities to unlock iconic moments from Louis Vuitton's history.

Compete against your friends on global time trial leaderboards, and collect all 200 stories in celebration of the momentous occasion.

3) Squirrel Simulator 2 : Online

You can climb trees and fly from tree to tree. Being in the skin of a clever rodent, you will have to get through many exciting adventures, including fighting online in the Royal Arena against real players!

- BIG FAMILY. At level 10, you can find a soul mate and get married. Take care of your partner, feed him, and he will help in the fight against enemies. At level 20, you can have your first baby. And when the baby grows up, you can have another one. Even a wolf will tremble at the army of squirrels!

- ONLINE. You are waiting for an epic online battle called the Royal arena. There are various power-UPS scattered around the Arena that can be used. The fireball deals a lot of damage. The ice ball freezes. Lightning accelerates, the potion heals, and the shield absorbs all damage received.

- HOLLOW. You will be able to collect acorns, mushrooms and berries, which can then be used to replenish the family, improve the character or buy a new hollow. In the hollow, you can build a nest of branches to sleep sweetly in it.

4) MARVEL Future Revolution

Wolverine joins the fight for Primary Earth with unflinching ferocity,
Ready to take on anyone with the Mutant healing factor and signature Adamantium metal claws.

Squad Battle Update! PvP Content invovling Multiple Heroes & Companions,
Fight among the Best of the Best.

▣ Game Introduction ▣

■▶ Choose from 10 unique playable Marvel Super Heroes!

From Scarlet Witch to Spider-Man to Iron Man!
Be a Super Hero & Shape the Destiny of Primary Earth.

Marvel's First Open-World Action RPG on Mobile

■▶ High Fidelity 3D AAA Graphics Never Before Seen In Mobile Gaming

Full 3D, realistic graphic style created using Unreal Engine.

5) Chimeraland :Jurassic Era

【Jurassic Era:Dinosaur Attack is coming!】
Major Update!Five new dinosaurs have arrived in the world of Chimeraland, travelers can enjoy the ancient creatures' companionship and the fun of playing with them.

Dinosaur Theme Event——
1. Dinosaur Battle:
The Dinosaur Battle matching event will take place from 9–22 June, and travelers can get up to 400 Event Points,Sigil, uncommon equipment, and many more amazing rewards!

2. Dinosaur Trivia:
Travelers can participate in the event from 9–22 June by talking to the Event Envoy at the Dinosaur Museum in the main cities of all 3 continents. Travelers can answer up to 5 questions each day, and each question answered grants 40 Event Points.
Event Points can be used to redeem furniture, equipment, Glyphs, pet skills, and more from the Event Envoy. All Event Points from the previous round will be cleared.