Spiderman Miles Morales APK is, so far, the best Android Spiderman game that has been made till now. From astonishing graphics to rollercoaster story rides, the game has everything you need to play for long hours without any breaks. R GAMES is the developer of the game for Android.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales was officially launched for Play station 5 in 2020. And after that, the game got a lot of positive reviews over the past two years. The game’s plot is entirely different from here. Spiderman is not Peter Parker, but he is Miles Morales.

Miles Morales is not the actual Spiderman but a person from 2018. You remember, son, the police cop? Yes, that African American Student. Well, a spider made a bite the leg of Miles Morales, and now he is also a Spiderman. He works with Peter Parker, and both of them are protecting the city.

Present story
One day Miles Morales was going home because his mom called him. But while he was walking, Peter called him and held him about a box transporting a rhino which was a criminal. So they have to stop it. But the place of helping Miles made things worst, and he even risked his life.

That time peter Parker saved his life. But due to the choice, the criminal was out of the box in which he was being transported. And he started creating chaos, making it difficult for Spiderman to control him. But suddenly, the Spiderman miles got a superpower of electro web and somehow handled the rhino.