1) Truck Driver Crazy Road 2

Continuation of the game about the delivery of goods.
 Are you ready to be the best truck driver?
 If yes, then go ahead!
 You have to ride a variety of terrain such as plants, forest, mountains and even volcanoes!
 You will find a different cargo that must be delivered intact.  Don't give the load to break, you need to smash the stuff you need to be the best!?
 Driving skills and accuracy will be tested in practice!
 Get in the truck and go!

 ★ Multiple game modes: shuttle, parking!
 ★ 4 locations!
 ★ 40 exciting levels!
 ★ 14 levels of parking!
 ★ Beautiful 3D graphics!
 ★ Realistic physics!
 ★ unique experience of truck driving!
 ★ Nice music!
 ★ Radio!
 ★ Easy management!
 ★ various types of cameras!
 ★ cockpit view!

2) Off Road 4x4 Driving Simulator

Off Road is an addictive ultimate mud truck driving game and realistic car racing simulator.  Are you ready to start the race in challenging environments and test your driving skills?

 Stunning detailed graphics, a wide variety of 4x4 trucks, real driving physics, endless upgrades and customizations, and a variety of offroad racing challenges!  Experience the most realistic off-road racing experience right now!

 Features of Off Road simulator:
 - Gorgeous graphics and realistic car driving physics
 - Various 4x4 trucks and vehicles with different driving characteristics
 - Endless tuning and car customization
 - Real car and truck sounds
 - Simple and useful in-game map
 - Dozens of offroad racing challenges and time trials
 - Various extreme obstacles in the best 4x4 off-road game traditions

3) Reduced Transmission HD 2022

You must Delivery cargoes on Soviet and European trucks, offroad vehicles in remote, hard-to-reach locations, where roads with hard surfaces are almost absent, and only hard-to-reach forest trails predominate.
There are many modes in the game: Walk uphill, rally, offroad drag racing on offroad, trophy raids on offroad and many other competitive modes, you can compete with friends or play with strangers on the net!
Also for fans of the simulator modes there is delivery of cargoes at different offroad locations, with different conditions! The Big size of some of the Maps in the game ! you will need to overcome fords, swamps, mud and so on. If you do not like driving on the roads - you can pave your way through the forest or the mountains!
Exciting races on impassability are not reduced to prohibitive speeds; to win in the receipt or delivery of goods - you have to make a lot of effort.

4) Trucks Off Road

Welcome to Trucks Off Road

 Awesome mud and water physics in an offroad environment, real-time destruction and console quality graphics.

 Engines, axles, exhausts, blowers, turbos, suspension, transmission, tires, wheels, etc. Choose a truck to modify with over 400 unique parts. and stickers. When it's ready to roll, why not show your friends your new journey via Facebook photo uploads?

 Take your truck off the road in various mud parks to compete in Solo or Career modes. Competition modes include Freestyle, Circuit Racing, Drag Racing, Mud Swamp and Open Play.

5) Project : Offroad 2.0

Impressive graphics and realistic physics await you in this game, which was developed based on reality.

 We have developed realistic off-road physics to provide an enjoyable gaming experience.
 We designed maps to enrich your off-road experience.
 We have created activities for you to have a pleasant time in the maps.
 There are tons of tools and lots of customization options.
 You can earn game currency and buy vehicles by participating in map events.

 Thanks to detailed graphic options, you can make special settings for your device.

 We have added all the mechanical settings to the game to make your off-road experience enjoyable.
 You can change and use the mechanical properties of your vehicle as you wish.
 Remember, all the settings you make affect the vehicle physics.