Bu polis simülatörü oyun sansasyonunda en iyi polis memuru olun!

Dive into the action-packed world of Police Officer Simulator – a realistic cop game where you pilot helicopters and cars, chase criminals, and make arrests. Experience 911 missions, FBI operations, and more. Are you ready for the ultimate law enforcement simulation? Duty calls!

!! Police Officer Simulator contains unlimited free levels !!
It is the latest and one of the best police officer simulators!

You can drive different cop vehicles, like cars, helicopters, planes, and boats. You also have a parachute if you meet some difficulties.
An environment with dynamic weather conditions, realistic day and night cycles, clear skies, tropical rain, snow, thunderstorms, wind, turbulence, and true 3D volumetric clouds!

Drive and fly to explore the massive open-world environment and its unique locations, take off from 7 airports, and commute from international airports to small airports campaign.
There are also tons of points of interest to explore, like rivers and lakes, big cities, small towns, nuclear power plants, ports, Japanese temples, rural houses and farms, ruins, and more...
Drive fast cars on the open roads, from 2x2 lanes to very small offroad roads of mountains, with hill-climb and canyons. Explore the world not just by flying, but with real car driving simulator experiences as well!

Explore the map and find one of the mission markers to launch a mission. Simply walk into the marker to begin the mission like any familiar open-world style gameplay.
Use the helpful minimap to know where are the mission spots. Press it to expand the whole map. Fly across the open world and explore for hours in one of the best airplane flying simulation games!

Exciting missions to experience like:
- Chase and arrest bad drivers
- Deploy spike strip to stop gangsters
- Drive fast cars with no limit speed
- Arrest bank robbers
- Stop gangsters with police boats
- Parachute jump training
- Protect and escort the president
- Go to airplane accidents and car collisions to help victims
- Jump from your helicopter on fire, and use your paraglider to save your life
- Transport wreck: grab old cars with your electromagnet
- Transport passengers
- Escort the president with Airforce (F-18)
- Fly through all the checkpoints as fast as possible
- Land on an aircraft carrier
- Race with other cops
- Learn to take off and land on a runway, and full flight
- Fire rockets to remove all the objects and clear the road
- Catch gangsters with your military heli
- Thrill-seeker's new base jumping activities!

- Weather forecast: clear sky, rain, thunderstorms, snow
- Day and night cycle
- True 3D volumetric cloud system
- Pilot in fly turbulence
- Realistic plane flight physics
- Intuitive flying controls: buttons, joystick, or accelerometers
- Plane crashes and smokes effects.
- Dynamic lighting and sound effects to recreate the realistic experience
- High-quality world environments with high res satellite imagery
- Highly detailed realistic copter cockpit environment.
- Multiple on-board cameras to get every angle of the jet
- Huge selection of aircraft and airline
- Ultimate racing challenge game
- Hugely open-world driving simulator
- Miles of roads to drift and drive on and do stunt jumps
- Map Information (Distance, Altitude, etc.)
- Fully interactive cockpit environment and controls
- Vehicle crashes and smoke effects.
- Huge selection of aircraft and airline
- Miles of roads to drift and drive on and do stunt jumps

52 controllable vehicles:
- 15 helicopters, like Bell 206, Eurocopter EC135, Apache, Mil Mi-8, SuperCobra, Bell UH-1 Huey
- 18 aircrafts, like Cesna, Piper PA-46, Boeing 747, Airbus A380, F14, Hawk
- 10 boats, like Jetski, Yacht, Vedette, Offshore
- 9 cars, like SUVs, 4x4, sports and racing cars