Cozy Islands – craft & build

Come to Cozy Islands and rebuild the village of your childhood.

Dive into adventures, travelling, crafting and building. Create a cozy island village from scratch on an empty plot overgrown with trees and littered with stones. Explore nearby mystery islands and help friendly villagers to settle down away from the dullness of everyday city life.

The game features:

● Immersive experience: gameplay through the character's eyes

● Outstanding mechanics: build and renovate each house step-by-step

● Delightful aesthetics: warm atmosphere and friendly environment

Game is still in development, but we have huge plans for future updates:

● Mystery islands: unique autogenerated locations

● Traveling: explore other cultures based on real-world experience

● Lovable characters: meet other villagers and make friends with them

● Cute animals: get your own adorable companion pet who will help you with daily tasks