ScarFall: Battle Royale


Scarfall, the ultimate Royale battle for your mobile. This is a survival online shooting game. One of the best multiplayer games.

 Experience the journey of a real shooter on the battlefield. Explore the martial arts scene parachuting from a high-speed helicopter.

 Find out about the best strategy action multiplayer game to hit your store this year. Create your own rules for online and offline multiplayer. Live in a dwindling safe zone and have the highest 3 chances to win the war and become the #1 survivor in unknown battlegrounds.

 With team kills and solo kills, you may or may not be able to play online with a large group of 4v4 players. Play as a single soldier OR with clan to fight opponents. Scarfall offers a TPS (third person shooter) and FPS (first person shooter) game with modern tools to travel fast and reach your final destination in a descending circle.